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Suspended Ceiling Grid System: Vancouver T-Bar Ceiling Installations

At Universal 5 Star Drywall Systems, we can install a suspended ceiling grid system in Vancouver and other surrounding areas. This type of ceiling is also called a T-bar ceiling, and it is most commonly used in commercial office spaces. It can sometimes work well in residential or industrial warehouse spaces, and is effective as a drop ceiling below pipes or other venting that runs under an existing wood or concrete ceiling. There are many styles of ceiling tiles to choose from, and the grid can either be a 2x2 or a 4x4 system. Some tiles even come as a washable type which is ideal for commercial kitchens such as in a restaurant space. There are also tiles that come with an acoustical sound rating.

If you think a T-bar ceiling would work well for your home or commercial space, please call us and we can go through different tile types that would work well with what you need.

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